The German Presidency has been chaired by MdB Klaus-Peter Willsch, who has been the chairman of the Aviation and Space Group in the German Bundestag since 2009. The German Presidency held a workshop on 1-3 May 2011 which took place in Abbey Eberbach, Eltville am Rhein and the Plenary Conference on 16-18 October 2011 in Berlin. Additionally the German Presidency has conducted a bilateral meeting with the Chairs of Sky and Space Intergroup of the European Parliament on 23 May 2011 at the European Parliament in Brussels.


Plenary Conference on 16-18 October 2011

The German Presidency organized the Plenary Conference on 16-18 October 2011 in Berlin. This conference was the highlight of the 2011 German Presidency of EISC. The first session day of the annual Plenary Conference on 17 October was open to all categories of members and observer and gave the opportunity for the members of EISC to meet and discuss current issues on space matters. The second session day on 18 October a closed meeting of Permanent Members took place.

The morning session of the plenary included speeches from Johann-Friedrich Colsman from the cabinet of Commissioner Tajani responsible for GMES; Jean-Jacques Dordain the Director of the European Space Agency; Vittorio Prodi, Chairman of Sky and Space Intergroup; and Peter Hintze, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology. With the participation of the Chairman of Sky and Space Intergroup of the European Parliament, the German Presidency continued the partnership between the EISC and EP.

The afternoon session included speeches from Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Chairman of the Executive Board, German Aerospace Center (DLR); Christina Schmidt, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defence; Alain Ratier, Director General of EUMETSAT; and Evert Dudok, BDLI Vice President Space.

The presentations were complemented by discussions which were welcomed by the members of EISC before the deliberations on the second day leading to the adoption of the Conclusions of the conference. The Conclusions comprised the view of the EISC National Parliaments regarding the topical issues of the European space policy. Additionally during the second day a new Charter was adopted in order to strengthen the role of EISC as an influential voice in the European setting (Charter here). The Chairman started right after the conference the dissemination of the Conclusions of conference in order to assure the impact in the upcoming deliberations on the European level. To this end a letter addressed to the Commissions President José Barroso informing him about Conclusing of the EISC Conference and in particular the position of National Parliaments regarding GMES, was signed by all members present in the EISC conference (letter to Barroso here).

Conference Presentations

Welcome “Theme – Parliamentarians for Space”, K. P. Willsch MP, Chairman of EISC


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Workshop for Permanent Members on 1-3 May 2011



The German Presidency workshop took place from 1-3 May 2011 in Abbey Eberbach, near Frankfurt/Main, Germany which brought together delegations from parliamentary groups in Europe and was chaired by Klaus-Peter Willsch, EISC 2011 Chairman and Chairman of the Air and Space Group in the German Parliament. The workshop dealt with the strategic objectives of EISC and the preparations of the Plenary Conference on 16-18 October in Berlin. MP Willsch initiated an exchange on issues related to the European Space Policy. The Polish delegation expressed the interest of Poland to hold the EISC Presidency in 2012. The meeting was concluded by a visit to the European Space Agency’s European Space Operations Centre (ESA/ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany.

  • Information about the Eberbach Abbey can be found here.
  • Programme of site visit to the ESA ESOC Darmstad can be found here.
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Bilateral meeting between EISC 2011 Chairman and Sky and Space Intergroup Chairs at the European Parliament

The German Presidency conducted the first bilateral meeting between the leadership of EISC and Sky and Space Intergroup of the European Parliament. The Chairman of EISC 2011 MP Klaus-Peter Willsch, accompanied by a delegation, met the Chairman of the Sky and Space Intergroup of the European Parliament, Vittorio Prodi, MEP, together with his Vice Chairs Jacqueline Foster, MEP and Potito Salatto, MEP as well as representatives from the offices of Vladimir Remek, MEP and Dominique Baudis, MEP. This was the first formal meeting between the leaders of the two groups, representing the Member States’ Parliaments on the one hand and the European Parliament on the other hand. The exchanges focused on topics related to the European efforts in space, in particular Galileo and GMES. Additionally, the discussions included the visions of the groups and the commitment of the leaderships for further coordinating efforts for the benefits of space in Europe.


The Chairman of EISC, Klaus-Peter Willsch, MP (right) and the Chairman of the Sky and Space Intergroup in the European Parliament, Vittorio Prodi, MEP (third from left) as well as the Vice Chair of the Intergroup Jacqueline Foster, MEP (second from left).