15th EISC Conference 2013

In 2013, the Belgium Presidency of EISC, under the Chairwoman Senator Dominique Tilmans, has conducted the following two events:

  • EISC Thematic Workshop: March 25th in Redu, Belgium
    EISC Plenary Conference: October 14th and 15th in Brussels, Belgium

Plenary Conference on October 14th and 15th 2013, Brussels, Belgium

For our Plenary Session in Brussels in October 2013 the Belgian Presidency organized interventions and panel debates around the theme of ‘Space and Education’, followed by the adoption of the resolution of the 15th EISC Plenary.


Workshop on March 25th 2013, Redu, Belgium

This year the Belgium Presidency organised the workshop around the theme of small, micro, nano and cubeSat missions.