16th EISC Plenary Conference


20-21 October 2014

Assemblée Nationale, Paris, France


Sunday 19 October 2014

18.30Welcome Cocktail at the Maison de l’Europe

Monday 20 October 2014 : EISC Day 1 – open to all participants

8.15Registration Assemblée Nationale (Victor Hugo Room)
9.00Opening of the 16th EISC

Chair : Chantal BERTHELOT, Chairwoman of the French Parliamentary Space Group (GPE) Group and Chairwoman of the 16th EISC

Statements by:

  • Chantal BERTHELOT MP, Chairwoman of the GPE and EISC
  • Minister Geneviève FIORASO, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research
  • Jean-Yves LE GALL, President, CNES
  • Jean-Jacques DORDAIN, Director General, ESA (The future of the space sector and economic growth)
10.00Work theme 1 – ‘Space for Growth’ (To the service of growth)

Introduction by Françoise LABORDE, Senator

First Round Table: Space for Connectivity (60 minutes)


  • Magali VAISSIERE, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, ESA
  • Christophe ALLEMAND, Head of Unit Telecommunication and Navigation, CNES
  • Jean-François BUREAU, Director of Institutional and International Affairs, Eutelsat
  • Jean-François CHARRIER,  Director of Institutional Affairs, Markets and Systems, Airbus Defense and Space
  • Bertrand MAUREAU, Vice President, Telecommunications Business Line, Thales Alenia Space


Patrice MARTIN-LALANDE, Member of Parliament, Co-chairman of Internet Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Space Committee, Assemblée Nationale


11.30Second Round Table: Space for Earth Observation (60 minutes)


  • Jean-Pascal LE FRANC, Deputy Director; Perspective, Strategy, & Programs; International relations, CNES (civil and military synergy)
  • Peter BREGER, Deputy Head of Unit “Copernicus Services” DG Entreprise and Industry
  • Alain RATIER, Director General, Eumetsat
  • Patrick MAUTE, Head of Observation and Science, Thales Alenia Space
  • Philippe PHAM, Head of Optical and Program Airbus Defense and Space
  • Prof Giovani SYLOS LABINI, SME4SPACE, Board of Director
  • Jean-François LOISEAU, President of the Cooperative AXERAL, Testimony


Peter HULSROJ, Director, European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)



Work theme conclusions presented by Kai-Uwe SCHROGL, Head of the Department for Relations with Member States, ESA

14.00Announcement of the winners of the EISC-ESA "Space for Sustainability" Award 

Chair: Belgian-French-Spanish Trio Presidency

Introduction by Jean-François CLERVOY, ESA Astronaut, Chairperson of the Jury

Presentation of the winning projects:

  • Sophie DAMY, A Satellite-based Optimisation of the European Freight Transport Network
  • Yuuki PETERS, The Terra Recovery Project: Space meets Waste: Profiling landfills with remote sensing
14.20Work theme 2 – Growth for space (How to support and improve space growth in Europe?)

Introduction by Alain GOURNAC, Senator

Presentation by:

  • Anne BONDIOU-CLERGERIE, Director R& D Affairs, Space and Environment, GIFAS
  • Denis NEITER, Deputy Head of Aeronautic Affairs, Military and Naval, French Treasury
14.45Third round table: ‘better products’ (60 minutes)


  • Joël BARRE, Chief Operating Officer, CNES
  • Eric BERANGER, Director of Programs, Airbus Defense and Space
  • Jean-Lin FOURNEREAUX, Director Espace, SAFRAN
  • Jean-Loïc GALLE, CEO, Thales Alenia Space
  • Stephane ISRAEL, Chairman and CEO, Arianespace
  • Alain BORIES, Head of strategy , OHB


Jean-Jacques TORTORA, Secretary General Eurospace

16.15Concluding statement by Chantal BERTHELOT, Co-Chairwoman of the French Parliamentary Space Group, Co-Chairwoman of the 16th EISC 
17.00Visit of the Assemblée Nationale
19.00Concert by Mrs Claire-Marie LE GUAY pianiste Beethoven / Liszt (dernier mouvement de la 9ème symphonie)
19.40Diner at the Sénat


Tuesday 11 October 2014 - for EISC members only

9:00 Chair : Chantal BERTHELOT, Chairwoman of the French Parliamentary Space Group (GPE) Group and Chairwoman of the 16th EISC

Discussion and Adoption of the Resolution

Appointment of the 2015 Presidency

Official closing of the 16th EISC