EISC 2020 Chairpersons
Ms Åsunn Lyngedal and Mr Kårstein Eidem Løvaas

 8058 Romfartskonferansen lr edited

Covid-19 and Recovery With the Space Sector

On September 24th 2020, the Norwegian Presidency of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) hosted a digital event on the topic of “Covid-19 and recovery with the space sector”. It brought together the EISC delegations from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Norway, Poland and Romania as well as high-level space agency and industry experts.

Covid-19 and European space cooperation

After welcoming remarks from the Norwegian Presidency by the Norwegian MPs Ms Åsunn Lyngedal and Mr Kårstein Eidem Løvaas, Prof. Dr. Jan Wörner (Director General of the European Space Agency) introduced the topic with his presentation on “The New Normal”. Prof Dr Wörner highlighted the interconnectedness of the public and private sector, the importance of both competition and cooperation and the need for a United Space in Europe. His presentation was followed by Jean-Jacques Tortora (Director of the European Space Policy Institute) who gave a presentation on the outcomes of the ESPI report on “Covid-19 and the European space sector”, exploring both the impact of space on monitoring and crisis response as well as the impact of the crisis on the space sector itself.

Launching of small satellites in Europe

The second part of the digital event pertained to the topic of “Launching of small satellites in Europe”. Mr Odd Roger Enoksen (CEO and President of Andøya Space Center), provided insight into the progress of the development of launch capacity from Andøya and cooperation opportunities. Mr Marco Fuchs (CEO of OHB SE) followed by presenting on “how microlaunchers could change Europe’s Space business landscape”, with a particular focus on Rocket Factory Augsburg’s status of development. Ms Mari Eldholm (Director of the Norwegian Industrial Forum for Space Activities, NIFRO) followed with her presentation on “European Cooperation for European Spaceports”, which addressed the strategic nature of the European space sector and provided policy recommendations to leverage the potential of European spaceports. The presentations by space sector experts were followed by a Q&A session.

National reports and EISC Presidency 2021

The delegations of EISC provided national statements with reflections on the development of space policy and the space sector in their respective countries, inter alia during times of Covid-19. The EISC 2020 resolution on Covid-19 and the European Space Sector was unanimously adopted by the delegations present. Lastly, the delegations elected Norway as the Chair of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference in 2021 before Ms Åsunn Lyngedal and Mr Kårstein Eidem Løvaas provided concluding remarks for the successful digital event.



XXII EISC Digital Meeting on 24 September 2020

XXII EISC Workshop on 19 - 20 April 2020, Svalbard, Norway